06 November 2006

Carpal Tunnel

Writer's Cramp

Recently, dh decided he wanted to get in touch with his family on his Dad's side. His dad barely kept in touch with dh, and was the same about contacting dh's grandparents and aunts.
So dh never really knew anyone on that side growing up. He asked his dad for his grandpa's address(the only one he's ever even met) a couple times, but his dad just blew him off.
I e-mailed him once, minus an niceties,(the guy's not on my favorite list)and got it out of him.
Grandpa was really excited to hear from dh and wrote him back almost immediately, as did his "new" wife...of 10 years.(Seriously, could FIL be any more clueless on his own freaking family??)
They sent addresses for dh's Aunts, and a great-grandma he didn't know he had. So we've been writing letters. He tells me what he wants in them, and since I'm the better speller/typer I write it up for him. I know handwritten letters are best, but his spelling is horrible, and my handwriting is unreadable. So this is how we do it.
I'm so excited though. I mean, this is my family as much as his. He knows them about as well as I do, and his grandpa is so welcoming. He asked us to visit about 4x in a two page letter. And says to be sure to let him know ahead of time, so all dh's cousins can be there.
One of his cousins was there when Grandpa received the letter and was, we're told, looking forward to meeting us.
And of course, the pictures of his great-granddaughter were raved over.
Like I said, I'm very excited. And very write-d out. lol

ETA Yes, I know the Halloween witch is still there. But then, so are the decorations out front. I can't very well change my blog skin before I take them down IRL, now can I?

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