27 November 2006


Either Way, I'm Set

It's dusk as we pull into the parking lot. We were going to wait another hour or so to stop, but we couldn't take someone's protesting how hungry she was any more.
There's a minivan with an older gentleman climbing in. He lights his cigarette, and as he's shutting his door, the pack falls to the ground.
I lean over and pick it up, "Excuse me, sir."
He rolls down his window.
I smile sweetly and say, "You dropped your cigarettes, sir."
The man grunts at me and takes the suspiciously light pack. He then rolls up his window and drives off into the night.

I figured there were one of two things that happened. Either he dropped his cigarettes and would have missed them later. Or he tossed his empty pack carelessly on the ground. In which case I am more than happy to remind him that being over the age of 5, he should know better.

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