13 November 2006


Well, That Stinks

So. I go to work. For an hour.
And then they send me home.
I got sent home early.
I'm not feeling the greatest, and since there is no one on base today(most had a 96), The Head One wanted to send some people home. And I guess a lady going through drive-thru was going on and on about how I was most likely a health code violation? Just throwing a complete fit.
I'm a little hoarse. That's it. My voice sounds horrible. I didn't cough on her, or lick her or anything. I was in the first booth, playing with the money, so I didn't even come within 10ft of her food. The only thing I even touched with my constantly-being-sanitized hands was the money, which I guarantee I could make no nastier.
Meh. So on one hand, I'm glad for the chance to rest. And on the other, I'm irritated because I really don't want to miss a day of work.

And to top it off, when I call dh to whine about how my shit job that pays me shit money kicked me out the shitty door...he gets mad at me! WTF? I should have thrown a huge fit and begged to stay? Right. That would have gone well.

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