11 November 2006


Off to the Ball

November 10th was the USMC's 231st birthday. Every year, about that time, there are various Marine Corps Balls. Dh's battalion is a huuuuuuge battalion, so they go all out for the Ball.
This was the first year we were able to attend, due to ticket prices and such.

I managed to find a dress at an excellent price. ($30...woohoo for going out of business sales, eh?) I found a clutch, buy the boobie tape, lined up a babysitter. We're all set to go.

I go to drop DD off, so I can finish getting ready. I come home and find Dh swearing at his uniform pants, hunting for double-sided tape.
Apparently, when he had them sew his blood stripe on, they did a craptastic job. It's starting to come off, in the same spot on each leg.
He's freaking out, understandably so. I mean, he's going to an event where he'll be surrounded by 100's and 100's of other Marines, and his uniform isn't spot on? Oh, hells no.
Double-sided tape wasn't working, believe it or not. (duh, really now)
So I'm digging through my limited supply of thread trying to find a red that's close enough that I can tack the damn things on for the night. I did find one that came very very close. It was a little to light, but the places where the stripe was coming off were only about 2-3 inches long, and the jacket covered about half of that. And since I was only tacking it in place, and not sewing a seam, I didn't need to use too many stitches.
His uniform pants are not supposed to touch the ground. Ever. He was a little upset about that, but really...
The pants touching the ground in your home, with no one else around, or your blood stripe falling off in the middle of the Ball, while you are surrounded by other Marines? Let's think about this. Ok, good. Now shut up while I fix this.

Other than that drama, the night was good. There was a beautiful ceremony, excellent food...they really did go all out.

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