25 December 2006

Ain't Family Grand?
In case your own holiday drama wasn't enough.

Okay, Dh and his dad? Shitty relationship. The guy calls maybe two or three times a year.
Well, today was one of those times. Last time he called was about three months ago, and dh wasn't home. So FIL said he'd call back the next day. Anyway, he called today and dh wasn't home again. But I got to talk to him.
Apparently, he didn't remember that we moved, over a year ago, and sent a package to our old address. Now I can understand why he'd be upset to do something like that, but really, we've given him our address at least two times and sent him multiple letters with our return address on them. So it's hard for me to muster up much sympathy. I did promise to go to the post office and see if they were still forwarding our mail. Not much else I can do, you know?

Well, I sat down to the computer and opened our joint email account, which is the one we use for credit cards, paypal, ebay, etc and people whom we don't feel need our personal emails.
The one FIL has, in other words.

And I found this:

Well tried to get hold of you, and wish you a happy Christmas, but you were up north dealing with a "Jeep" I also found out from jen that you have a new address...would have been nice to let me know...I sent the baby a very qute christmas dress, and you guys a gift pack from figi's. I also do not know who has your birthday card, and cash?

I'm so mad, I could reach through the computer and slap him. 1)We did give him our address
2)At the time of dh's birthday, they were still forwarding mail, and given fil's track record, I'm more inclined to think he
never sent it.
3)Seriously? On Christmas day? You're going to send a snide little email to your firstborn, and only son, over something that was not his fault, but once again, your failure, on Christmas day? WTF?

Anyway. Very angry. I want to just delete it. Dh refuses to answer the phone when his dad calls and passes it off to me. He hasn't replied to the last two emails, and he says he's done. So a part of me just wants to delete it, since he's not going to respond anyway.
And then there's that part of me that wants to send something like this FIL's way.


This is our joint account. I can recall Chris giving you our new address more than once. In fact, I believe I sent it to you as well. It's unfortunate that it never got written down. I'm more than willing to discuss this with the post office. If they won't release it to me, I'm sure it will be returned to you.

I've deleted your message from our inbox. I see no reason to ruin Chris's holiday mood with your snide remarks.



I most likely won't. Because I've always been very careful about crossing that line and interfering with their relationship, or semi-relationship, as the case may be.

But I do want to delete it.

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