30 December 2006

Year in Review
Let's take a quick walk through the archives, shall we? That way, you won't have to read them yourselves.

January saw me attempting to get my paycheck from the little shitheads at the local Denny's. Worst. Run. Place. Ever.

February didn't leave much to talk about. We went home for the month, and internet access was very limited.

brought a beautiful mid-grade bedroom set and accusations of recruiting for the other side in yet another Pink Stink board drama. If the Pepto Squad makes you nauseous, check out MAPs. Comes complete with intelligent conversation and sense of humor.

Then we come to April. Shitty BILs welshing on money owed, my daughter taking up chewing tobbaco and oh yeah, the week from hell. Quick reminder of that week,
"Monday-Punk smashes windows on car
Tuesday-Lose brakes on way home
Friday-spot bubbly walls
Tuesday-streams of bugs"

Lovely month, really.

May- My uterus falls out, I get smacked, and BIL (aka Ratbastard) announces his divorce(which, btw, still hasn't come about.)

June was actually pretty dull. But I was still recovering from April, so that's okay.

In July, I let some nitwit get me worked up with his "Enlistment equals abandonment" BS. I was put "on call" at Denny's (FFS), which lead to my looking for a new job. Which meant I got to meet the woman who wanted me to work for free. Oddly enough, that didn't work out.

In August, I took a trip to Fundie Land, and found out first hand how it feels to be "shamed" for attempting to get The Morning After Pill. I was all unemployed like and there was lot's of money-drama.

September brought me my current job, thank god. And it's still going well. I've resigned myself to the fact that it's McD's and determined that for the time I am here, I will be an asset to the company. Believe it or not, it's at least helping me with that whole, "be more assertive" thing

In October, we got World of Warcraft, and I spent most of the month MIA.

November saw me chastising a littering smoker.
There was also a ball and contact with long-lost relatives.

Which brings us to December, highlights this month include, My first video , an asshole of a FIL and...well, come tomorrow we'll see if my dh remembers my birthday or not. I may have to add on.

But there you go, a year with the Psychobabble.
Hugs and kisses, and may next year be a better one for all of us!

- your only -

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