25 January 2007

Another Milestone

A Day of Firsts

Today marks several firsts for my daughter.
It's the first time she's been left in a licensed daycare center, as opposed to a babysitter.
It's the first time she's been in a room with 2 or more children who are within a couple months of her, age-wise.
It's also the first time she's ever been injured by another toddler.

Yeah, that's right. My baby got bit! I had barely pulled into the parking lot of my first errand when I got a phone call from the center. She was playing with the kitchen set, and had her back to this child, and s/he walked over and bit her on the back.

From what I understand, it didn't break the skin. And they iced it right away, and said she calmed down quickly. The worker said that dd looked like she was shocked, before she burst into tears. She didn't do anything to provoke it, and she didn't retaliate.


I know that it's an issue in that age group. And it's not a *huge* deal, as long as it doesn't become a regular thing.
But it still made me want to turn the car around and go pick her up right away.

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