22 February 2007

Completely Anecdotal

No Back-Up Source

Just wanted to make it clear that this is just a message board post, and not a verified happening.
And the message board isn't exactly known for the honesty and integrity of their members, or moderation team....(unlike the ladies at MAPS)
So I'm more blogging about the idea than the event. Does that make sense?

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Gist goes: Woman and husband are asked by another man if this baby belongs to them. It doesn't. They report it to the police, police come, CPS come, report is filed.
Mother comes an hour baby is left behind to claim her child.
She forgot her kid.
For an hour.
In Wart-Mal.

How do you forget your kid? Better yet, how can you defend someone who "forgot" to take their infant with them?
Not that I believe she actually forgot her infant. I mean, come on now. How do you let go of your stroller, walk away and "accidentally" forget to come back for it?
Unless you're severely under the influence. And if you are that drunk/high than you do NOT need to be responsible for another living being. I wouldn't trust you with a pet flea, much less a child.
I'm sorry, this just really burned my toast this morning.
Some people should be held down and sterilized, before they pollute the gene pool any further.

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