04 February 2007

Promised Updates

Why I've Been Too Busy To Post

Update #1 We were pre-approved for our home loan. Excellent news, even if the banker is the type you have to kick in the ass to get anything done on time.
So we put an offer on the house we want. So did someone else. So the owners asked for our highest and best offer and we gave it to them.
The countered with an offer that was 15000 more than what we were willing to pay. So we resubmitted the second offer. Because that really was our highest and best offer.

Update #2 They accepted the offer. So. It looks like we have a home now. It means DD and I will be going home earlier than Dh. But better that than traveling home 9mos pregnant or with a newborn, because

Update #3 the Patch sucks ass, and I'm pregnant again. I'm still a tiny bit resentful, because we were going to wait a couple more years, until everything was settled down.
But I didn't do my research, and the doctor didn't tell me, and apparently the patch is only effective up to a certain weight. After that, it drops by 50%. So PSA, if you're on the patch, check that out, mmkay?
Ironically, I found out about that issue about 2 weeks before finding out I was pregnant. Too little, too late, I guess.

Oh, and I graduated from the management course at McDonald's. Please hold your applause.

It's been a crazy, emotional, last couple of weeks. So I apologize for not keeping you guys in the loop.

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