11 March 2007

drama princess

I Gave Birth to One
Warning: the following is a mommy-blog-ish post. There are bound to be a few, being that I'm a mommy and all...

My daughter is a two year old Drama Princess. I know, all two year olds are drama queens, but sometimes mine seems particularly talented.
Today, while mommy was in the shower, she was supposed to be taking a nap(in her new big girl bed, btw)
She dumped out all her toys.
Not a huge deal, kids do that, but she does need to pick them up. Now, Drama Princess has been picking up her toys for awhile. It's her cleaning job. Along with taking a dry cloth and wiping random walls and pieces of furniture.
So I tell her to pick them up. She tries to tell me "No"
That doesn't fly here, so she sits in time-out and is then told to go pick up her toys.
She sulks over to the pile of toys, and picks one up and *throws* it into the bucket. I remind her that we don't treat our toys like that, or else mommy will put them away(we went through a few books/toys before mommy decided, mean or not, Princess will take care them. At least, as best a two year old can. I'm not completely unreasonable here)
So she gingerly sets the next one on the bottom of her bucket.
I tell her that I'm going to finish folding the laundry, she needs to finish picking up her toys, and when we're both all done, we'll go shopping.
After about 3 toys, she comes out clutching her arm. "Momma, it hurts!"
I check her, and send her back.
A few more minutes go past, and she's back, clutching her head. "Ohhh, momma, hurts!"
I send her back.
She is MAD
She stomps off in the way only a child on the verge of a tantrum can, and slams her door shut.
She's not allowed to slam doors, and generally she only has the door shut during quiet time. So I open the door up, remind her that we shut the door gentle, and leave it partially open.
Well, I'm folding laundry and get almost to the end of the basket. I realize that it has gotten *very* quiet. I go to check on her, and I see most of the toys have been picked up. She has also crawled into bed at some point, and is fast asleep.
So I picked up the few remaining toys and shut the door behind me.
The whole thing took over and hour and a half.
If my little Drama Princess had just *done it* already, it would have taken her
*maybe* 20 minutes.

BTW, I'm on cam for a little bit. My hair has yet to be curled, I have no make-up on, and I'm in lazy clothes. Just so you don't come with high expectations, lol

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