27 March 2007

If you parked your car last night

in the spot that I pay for, in front of the giant "Permit Parking Only" sign....

Then you are a dumb ass and your car is sitting 30miles away from here. Because I had it towed.
Because at 2fuckingAM? I am not in the mood to wait and see if your going to come and get your car out of my spot anytime soon.

And then, about a half hour after getting it towed, there's a knock at the door.(Our spaces have the apartment # on them) WTF? It's almost 3am now, so I go to the door, and by the time I get there, some angry chick is stomping down the stairs at a high speed.

Whatever. Touch my car and die, mmkay?

This morning I had some errands to run, and as I'm putting my daughter into my car, I hear this woman mooing and lowing on the phone about how she only left her car for 10minutes and she can't believe it was towed, and how is she going to come pick it up? I mean, it was only ten minutes, fifteen tops, and she was picking up her baaaaabeeeey, and now she had to spend the night and miss work.

Listen bitch, I can have your car towed after five minutes if I want. Because I PAY FOR THAT SPACE, and you? Do NOT. Which is why I have a permit, and you do not.
Secondly, your car was there a hell of a lot longer then 10minutes.
The engine had cooled off to the point that it wasn't ticking. The rain had stopped for quite awhile, yet your windshield was covered in raindrops. I sat there for 10-15 minutes just waiting for the tow truck. It then took them another 10-15min to hook up your front wheel drive car and yank it backwards out of my spot. *And* it took at least a half hour for you to decide confronting me would be a good idea. Although you changed your mind at the last minute(probably a good idea, btw)

I really hope you are removed from the gene pool before you have any more kids.

So have fun figuring out how to get your car, and where you're going to come up with the $300 or so to reclaim it. Perhaps next time you'll park in one of the spots marked "Visitor" and walk the extra 40feet.

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