03 March 2007


Speaking of....

Okay, the first part will be old news for some of you, I apologize.

I am not being unreasonable by thinking it would be a bad idea to travel across the country with a 3wk old infant, when we don't have to, am I?
B/c apparently that makes me a selfish ass unwilling to think of anyone else.

He's suddenly concerned about being present for the birth. Which okay, I get, I'd like him there too, but I'm not willing to put myself and my family through hell to have that. I mean, hello pain? And the bitching when, *gasp* we have to stop every few hours to feed the kid? I mean, christ, the man bitched on a 6hr trip when I wanted to stop and feed dd some supper.
And if dd and I go home a month or two early and he gets his terminal leave(which is a good possibility)....he would be home for the birth anyway

And he's now decided that he doesn't want the military to move our stuff, he wants to do a DIY.
Which I think is again, a bad idea.
Everything I've found has said that they will pay 95% of what it would cost *them* to move us. Not what it will cost us, not 95% of what it will actually cost us, but 95% of what it would cost the military.
To me, that says, "You'll be paying out of pocket."

Not to mention, there's no way on this green earth that I am going to be moving furniture and/or heavy boxes. Nor will I be guilted into it, thank you.

And the last time we moved was a disaster, because he kept telling me he had people that were going to help, and then two days before, he turns to me and says, "So, have you figured out how we're moving things yet?" WTF was that?

And, as a friend reminded me, there's also health risks for me involved in a cross-country trip that soon after giving birth.

(now for the new stuff, lol)
I attempted to talk to him again, pointed out that what he was proposing was going to put my health and our kid's health in danger. He got angry, and spouted off some concerns about health care, which I had already looked into and was able to answer. He said my answer wasn't an actual answer and I was pulling it out of my ass.

He asked how we would get both vehicles home. I said, ship the jeep. He told me it would cost $3000 to do so. I said he was pulling THAT out of his ass.(okay, I didn't, but I thought it really loud)
In the past two minutes I've found two quotes for door to door service that are $1000 or less.

He than said 10minutes later that he wants a big screen tv. Nice to see what your priorities are, darling.

I'm on the verge of laying out his options for him. I never do that. But this is my health. This is the health of our kid. This is the sanity of both of us. That's some big fucking risks, imho.

1)He can shut up, and let me arrange things. He may have to be out here for a month or so without us. Being a big boy, I think he can suck it up and deal.

2)He can extend until our kid is *at least* a few months old.

3)He can continue to be a stubborn ass and insist on putting his family's health on the line, we will fly home early and *he* can figure out how he's going to move two vehicles and a u-haul by himself. He can also figure out where he will be sleeping at night when he does get there, because it won't be in my bed.

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