18 April 2007

Whiney Whinerstein

Gird Yourselves Against the Next 4 or 5 Months

I was(am) in god awful pain, that I didn't remember from the first go around, plus doing all sorts of vomiting, again, so I called my dr, spoke with a nurse yadayadaya.
She says it's ligament pain, and the vomiting is from the pain. Take two Tylenol and rest.
She's going to write up a note for work saying I need to be off my feet every 4hrs for 15min.
California law says I get, w/in an eight hour shift, 30min unpaid, and 20min paid.
So she's basically going to write me a note saying I need less time than what I'm already entitled to.
Whatever. It'll also mention weight restrictions, which is good. I delegate most of the heavy lifting to my staff anyway, but this way I can tell dh that I am not just being a wuss, the dr said I can't take out the garbage. lol
ugh. I'm stretching to find the bright side here. 'cause this hurts like hell, and supposedly I can expect to deal with it for the next 20weeks.
I'll try not to whine too much though.
Since I only post what, two times a month lately? That shouldn't be too difficult *wink*

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