02 May 2007

My husband

The Drug Dealer

Totally surprising right? I know I was caught off-guard when I first heard, too.
But apparently that's the only way he could afford the things/vehicles we have, in the place we are.


So sayeth the ex-girlfriend, who's been his ex for what now? 6 years? 7? I forget. I forget, because either way it's a damn long time. Anyway, she deduced all this from his myspace profile. And spread it around the hometown where we still live.

I was kind of scratching my head, wondering why she would even bother at this point. My husband 'fessed up that he had sneaked a peek at her myspace, in retaliation, I guess? Whatever.
But under "Career/Occupation" she has listed...Subway.

So, this whole thing doesn't really upset me, because anyone who knows dh, knows he's not a drug dealer. And anyone who doesn't know him, most likely doesn't care.

But now, now I can't even be mildly amused by it. Because she's making me feel all sad for her. Look, I have a shit job, too. But I don't put it out there for everyone to see. I'm not proud to be doing a job that requires limited intelligence. Why would you advertise that?

So, what I'm really mad at her for, is for taking away my ability to be amused at her pathetic attempts to "ruin" my husband's reputation around town.


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