10 June 2007

Dear Friend

Let's just agree to disagree

I honestly believe we will never hold the same opinion on what constitutes the hardest job in the Corps.
You maintain that it's those who are left at home, struggling to carry on without their loved one.
I believe it's those who are yanked out of their familiar surroundings, sent into a hostile place, and have to deal with being shot at on a daily basis.

You're not going to change my mind on this. At least, I seriously doubt you will come up with a convincing enough argument that I suddenly say, "You know, you are so right, being a military spouse IS the hardest job in the military."

Now, I can overlook our difference of opinion. But only if you stop bringing it up every other time we see each other.
This debate is getting old, and it's getting difficult to retain any respect for someone who really believes dirty diapers trump IEDs. I'm just sayin'....

In other news, our temporary license plates arrived yesterday.
So did our actual license plates....
Gotta love the gov't. Not sure if it was the DMV or the postal system who's to blame this time around though.

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