11 June 2007

My name is What?

Just call him Shady

Cash came up a $100 short last night at work. I counted every penny in that place 15million times, trying to find it.
So I let my boss know what's going on, make my deposit and go home.

Well, now he's claiming my deposit is somehow over...by, you guessed it, $100.

Bullshit. Bulleffingshit. There is no way in the world that I "miscounted" by $100. I'd have to be borderline retarded to pull that one off.

The last time a shift(not mine, thank you) came up very short ($70) he went into the system and changed the numbers around. W/out actually putting the money in. In order to cover his ass.

Eventually this is going to catch up to him. Dumbass.


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