07 July 2007


A Severe Case

I'm suffering from a severe case of I-don't-care.

I don't care....

...that you feel that I'm not focusing on your training. I'm not. You work two nights out of the week, and missed half of that over the last two weeks. And you informed tonight, that yet again you won't be there tomorrow. So...I'm going to focus on getting the person who shows up consistently the training she needs. So that the hard work I put into fixing the hellish issues plagued by this shift, isn't completely wasted when I leave. Thank you.

...that we're broke. Again. I should. Because it sucks. But I'm tired, physically, and I have no energy left to pull yet another extra shift. Sorry. You figure it out this time, I'm done.

...that some random internet stranger thinks I'm a, to quote, "negative bitch"
Thanks for the newsflash. Yeah, sometimes I am. Maybe more often on-line lately, perhaps because spewing that all over the people around me IRL would be less than helpful?
There's a little X in the corner of your screen, if that bothers you.

...that you expected me to be the same person I was when you knew me at 16yrs old. Get over it. People change, and frankly, if you *haven't* grown and changed over the last 6-7yrs, well, I feel a tiny bit of pity for you. But only a little, b/c I'm done wasting energy on someone else's issues.

Meh. I'm going to bed.


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